Please help the 154 Nuns of Zangskar Valley: a video appeal from Venerable Zasep Rinpoche

Venerable Zasep Rinpoche requests aid to the 154 humble and devoted Buddhist nuns of Zangskar valley — in nine nunneries accessible by road only part of the year:
The humble nuns of Zangkar ask for very little. In this remote valley in the Himalayas, many live without heat, water, and electricity. Some of the nuns are children, as young as four years old — and the oldest nun is 88.
Last year, Ganden Relief Project distributed $10,000.00 USD amongst the nine nunneries supported in the Zanskar — money that goes a long way in this remote region. Ganden Relief Project also funded emergency neurosurgery for a young nun. Even the smallest things — such as warm clothing, or solar-powered lights — measurably improve the quality of life of these kind-hearted nuns.
Please consider donating to Ganden Relief Project’s ongoing relief work with the nine Buddhist nunneries of Zangskar Valley in India.


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