Food to less fortunate in Mongolia

By Amanda Buckley

Mongolia has struggled during the long winter of 2020/21, with its fragile economy hit hard by the international pandemic, causing more suffering for those with no work, and small incomes. While COVID
numbers have been low, the closure of the borders and the cancellation of many events, and education institutions has been felt deeply.

Gaden Relief Projects has been kept in touch with conditions in Mongolia through our partners at the Child Education and Advancement Bridge NGO. We have been told that people have been begging for food on the streets, the first time in their memories.

GRP has joined our partners in their efforts to provide basic food for disabled, needy and poverty-stricken Mongolians, especially aimed at helping the children. In December we provided $2,000, in February $3,000 and another $3000 in March (Canadian dollars).

Rinpoche has also made a personal donation of $1,000 to provide holiday gifts to disadvantaged children.

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