Donations to Shar Gaden to fight Covid

By Amanda Buckley

Earlier this year, Rinpoche asked students to donate to Shar Gaden Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, based in southern India in the Karnataka state. The monks there lacked many of the essential supplies for fighting and preventing the virus. There is a very large community of Tibetans in this region, and several monasteries.

Rinpoche’s students have been very generous, and Rinpoche himself led the way, helping the monks to acquire oxygen machines. Shar Garden members were able to use the donated funds to purchase other essential items to prevent and fight the virus.



The monks at Shar Garden are very serious about protecting themselves and their community from the virus that has caused so many deaths and illness throughout India. It is wonderful that the entire monastery has now had at least one vaccine shot, and many have had both the required shots. Our last donation was to the Shar Gaden Health Clinic to help buy masks

The monks are assessing their current needs and we plan to further help the clinic with essential supplies in the coming months.

Heartfelt thanks to all who responded to this call for help from our Tibetan friends, based in India.

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