Mongolia Projects

Gaden Relief’s Mongolia Project was started immediately after Ven. Zasep Rinpoche’s first visit to Mongolia in 2003. The first project, completed in 2004, was in setting up a potable water system for the monks at the old monastery of Amarbayasgalant in the northern part of the country. Soon after, GRP raised funds for the restoration and institution of Delgruun Choira Monastery in the Gobi desert. Another project supported was the local charity Geralt Mur that does the worthy work of purchasing yurts for poor families and single mothers in the capital.




In 2011, students of Ven. Zasep Rinpoche set up their own local charity, Manlha Tus, to serve as a contact, agent and partner for GRP in Mongolia. One of our first projects co-authored with Manlha Tus was in 2013, where we supported Buddhist education at Tsongkhapa Lam Rim center in the capital Ulaanbatar. Tugsbayasgalant Nunnery in Ulaanbatar has been another Buddhist community that received GRP funds, this time for the purchase of an air conditioning system, kitchen equipment and washing machines totally over $10,000. In 2015, GRP donations helped the Omnodelger health care clinic and community for the elderly.



Several of Ven. Zasep Rinpoche’s provided medicine and medical services in this rural setting. Another charity we worked with over the last few years was the orphanage Khek Sonsoglin Berkhsheeltel that takes care of deaf and disabled children. Rinpoche made a couple of personal visits to the orphanage and in 2016, delivered $4000 to help them with their services. GRP has recently instituted a scholarship project for the education of poor and needy students and is currently funding a young lady in her dentistry studies. GRP is also now raising money for the education of the young Mongolia Lama, Tendar Rinpoche and helping his personal Temple.