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Gaden Relief Projects is a volunteer non-profit organization, having given humanitarian aid to the sick and the needy and spiritual support to Buddhist communities in the Himalayan region and Mongolia for over 25 years.

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Help support ongoing projects which help people from Tibet , Mongolia and India ..


Gaden Relief Projects is looking for volunteers in the Toronto area to assist with all aspects of operating a small registered charity.

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A non-profit charity organization providing ongoing charity activities in Mongolia, Tibet, Nepal and India.


Tibet is the spiritual home for most of the volunteers at Gaden Relief. Providing relief since 1988. 



Gaden Relief’s Zangskar Project is funding nunneries in a remote region of northern India called Zangskar Valley, in the state of Ladakh.


In 2003 spiritual director Zasep Rinpoche visited Mongolia on a fact-finding mission to determine if Gaden Relief should help the reflowering of Buddhism since the end of the socialist era in Mongolia. Rinpoche was accompanied by future Mongolia project coordinator, Matthew Richards.

Current Projects

Khek Sonsoglin Berkhsheeltel Orphanage

This orphanage provides an essential service to the Ulan Bator community at large. Rinpoche made a couple of personal visits to the orphanage and in 2016, delivered $4000 to help them with their services.

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Zanskar Project

Gaden Relief has been helping Buddhist nuns in Zangskar since 1991. After funding Karsha’s Chuchikjall (or ‘Chuchikzhal’) nunnery as a pilot program, the Zangskar Project now covers all ten nunneries that are spread across Zangskar’s 7000 sq. kilometers.

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Scholarship Project

Gaden Relief has recently instituted a scholarship project for the education of poor and needy students in Mongolia. Education and cost of living in Ulaanbator continues to rise and it is more and more of a challenge for poor and disadvantaged young Mongolians

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October 2018 Visit

October 2018 Visit

By Irina Safonova This past fall I travelled to Zanskar in an effort to reconnect and deliver financial aid to the Buddhist nunneries we have supported there since1991. Zanskar is most isolated of all Himalayan valleys; it is situated at an elevation of 3500 metres...

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About Us

Gaden Relief has become famous, despite its modest size, for its efforts in channeling medicine and funds to the Tibetan refugee community-in-exile and to monasteries in Tibet, India and Mongolia. Since 1988, Gaden Relief has raised over $500,000 in donations, of which over 95% reached Tibetans and Mongolians in the form of direct aid. Our very low overhead is possible because we are run 100% by volunteers.

Volunteering for Gaden Relief

Gaden Relief Projects is looking for volunteers in the Toronto area to assist with all aspects of operating a small registered charity. Currently, we need help with  writing and production of a newsletter, and fundraising and promotion. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

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