Medical Teams Visit Zadoh

Gaden Relief sent a medical team to Zadoh in August, 2001. Led by Dr. Robbie Chase and Zasep Rinpoche, Spiritual Director of Gaden Relief, the team spent three weeks in the Zadoh area. The main objectives of the trip were to conduct a door-to-door health assessment of the area, to provide primary health care services, and to review construction of the new Jamseng Health Clinic.

Also on the agenda were visits to Dzogchen Monastery, Dechen Nunnery, Tashi Lhapug Monastery, and Zuru Monastery. The team delivered funds for construction and other purposes. Drugs donated by Novopharm’s Canadian Medicine Aid Program, by John Rumball and the Canadian International Medicine Aid Program, and by Dr. Len Levine of Ottawa, were delivered also.

Dr Chondak Tenzin giving patient post-operation advice.

Following the Gaden Relief team a team of eye specialists was sent by SEVA in September. The SEVA team spent a week in Zadoh examining patients and providing eye care and performing surgery as needed.