Donation to Shar Gaden Monastery and Rinpoche’s Wonderful Trip

By Bonnie Mok, edited Amanda Buckley

Gaden Relief Projects is pleased to announce a donation of $10,000 USD has been made to Shar Gaden Monastery for important puja celebrations. It was Zasep Tulku Rinpoche’s wish to deliver the donation in person, and in August 2019, Rinpoche traveled to Shar Gaden Monastery in Mundgod, South India.

Rinpoche, along with some of his students, received a warm welcome from the Shar Gaden monks, practitioners of the Gelug lineage. The main purpose of the donation from Gaden Relief Projects was to sponsor celebrations of monthly and yearly pujas.

Shar Gaden Monastery is home to about 700 Tibetan Buddhist monks, including a number of renowned Masters and holders of rare Gelug lineages.  About half of the monks are under the age of 14, mostly from Tibetan, Nepalese and other Himalayan backgrounds. (For more information about Shar Gaden see this website: )  Rinpoche visited the monastery school, and made offerings to the young monks. Rinpoche’s students also made donations and offerings to the monks as well.


Rinpoche said that his visit was like being in the Pure Land of Buddha!  Rinpoche has a special regard for Shar Gaden Monastery and its welfare, and he wishes Gaden Relief Projects to continue to support the monks into the future.

In fact, due to the current pandemic and the particular conditions in India, an appeal letter from the  Health Clinic at Shar Gaden requested assistance with masks, sanitizers and other preventative equipment. As well, we received an appeal from the Shar Gaden school.

The Gaden Relief Projects provided a $6500 CAD  in response to appeal from Health Clinic.

This is only possible through the kind support of our donors, and we are happy for this opportunity of generosity.

We continue to pray for the Dharma to flourish, and we hope our ties and friendship with Shar Gaden will continue to grow.