Zangskari Nunnery

October 2018 Visit

By Irina Safonova This past fall I travelled to Zanskar in an effort to reconnect and deliver financial aid to the Buddhist nunneries we have … Read more

Needs Assessment of the Nunneries of the Zanskar Valley October 6, 2008

By John Huizinga On August 16th, 2008, Zazep Rimpoche, John Huizinga, and Celeste Kilmartin, acting as representatives of Gaden Relief, rented a jeep and driver, … Read more

Ladakh Flood Report Leh, Ladakh, October 2010

By Lauren Galvin, Zangskar Project Officer Between the time of the tragic August floods in Ladakh until late October when I arrived in Leh, Gaden … Read more

Life in a Zangskari Nunnery

By Konchok Choskit (Lauren Galvin) Lauren Galvin is an American student studying in Khachodling Nunnery in Zangskar. She was inspired by American nun Karma Lekshe … Read more