Volunteers and Donations — the Merits are Inconcievable

Gaden Relief Projects is looking for volunteers in the Toronto area to assist with all aspects of operating a small registered charity. Currently, we need help with writing and production of a newsletter, and fundraising and promotion. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us.

Our overseas projects are mostly serviced by local partner organizations that draw their workers and volunteers from their local areas. Gaden Relief Projects does have a few volunteer positions each summer at the nunneries of Zangskar. While we do not have a formal internship program, we can accept self-motivated individuals who understand the ‘Rules of Engagement‘.

Summer Volunteer Internships at Zangskar’s Nunneries

Gaden Relief is looking for volunteers who are interested in working at a Zangskari nunnery on our projects, which may include the construction of passive solar buildings, greenhouses, poplar plantations and small gardens, water delivery and water storage systems, compost toilets, rudimentary healthcare, and other forms of appropriate technology in a high altitude desert climate. While we take volunteers who have a broad range of skills, we are especially keen on individuals with skills in appropriate technology, passive solar design, greenhouses and gardening, women’s healthcare, and other related fields. Please know that Zangskar is only accessible by vehicle between May and November so you will need to plan your arrival and departure accordingly.

Summer volunteers must agree to spend at least 4 weeks working with Gaden Relief. We cannot take volunteer for less than 4 weeks as there is so much set-up and work required of that it does not make sense for us to accommodate volunteers for shorter stays. Each of the ten nunneries that we support has space for one volunteer at a time. Each volunteer should be comfortable living on their own with a community of very welcoming nuns who are used to having foreigners in their midst. You will have a 1-2 day orientation to learn what is required of you.

Prospective volunteers should write a paragraph about themselves, what they are looking for from this summer experience with Gaden Relief, and what they hope to do after the work is completed.

Please email us for more information.

There is one ABSOLUTELY CRUCIAL rule for any Gaden Relief volunteer. Volunteers must pay their own food and board expenses at the nunnery. Volunteer are expected to contribute 100 rupees a day for room and board. This works out to about $2.50 dollars a day. Volunteers should expect to donate 1500 rupees up front to the nunnery on arrival and 1500 rupees every two weeks thereafter.