Barpak, Gorkha Earthquake

In 2015, a large and terrible earthquake tragically claimed the lives of 9000 people (22000 injured) in Nepal and destroyed a large part of its civic infrastructure. Many communities, particularly in the countryside outside the capital, were severely affected. Within days, many GRP supporters donated funds to help the Nepali people. GRP responded quickly in creating a Nepal Earthquake Project but immediately encountered problems and obstacles in attempting to assess the situation and deliver aid money. With infrastructure down, damaged or disorganized and the country in a state of chaos, GRP worried that its funds would not reach their intended recipients. We lacked critical information and help. Many other charities were in a similar situation. As such, GRP decided to donate our funds to another local Canadian charity that had established a secure and safe connection to a number of Nepali communities, through contacts at the University of British Columbia. Trans-Himalayan Aid Society (TRAS) is a charity that has been helping Tibetan refugees and needy communities in the Himalayan region since the 1960’s. They do very good work. TRAS felt the most important work they could do was to set up sanitation and latrine systems in a number of rural communities to stop the spread of disease. Our GRP donation of $8000 was put to this worthy cause and had an immediate effect.

More details about the earthquake can be found here.