By Matthew Richards

Another charity we worked with over the last few years was the orphanage Khek Sonsoglin Berkhsheeltel that takes care of deaf and disabled children. Sharp levels and poverty and changes to families, culture and traditional ways of life have made the lives of Mongolia’s poor orphans and the disabled very difficult – this is particularly the case when many disadvantaged families move to the city and soon find they cannot support their children with special needs. This orphanage provides an essential service to the Ulan Bator community at large. Rinpoche made a couple of personal visits to the orphanage and in 2016, delivered $4000 to help them with their services. The government recently recognized the value of GRP Mongolia Project’s contribution to the city when they awarded Rinpoche (and through him as Spiritual Director, our GRP Charity Agent Manlha Tus) a Civic Medal of Honour for his generous charity work. Our support of Khek Sonsoglin Berkhsheeltel was praised by the government.

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More Information on the Khek Sonsoglin Berkhsheeltel Orphanage

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