Jamseng Health Care Clinic

The Zadoh region in eastern Tibet has few facilities to meet basic health care needs. In 2001, Gaden Relief sponsored the construction of Jamseng Health Clinic in Yol Nin Gar, two hours from the town of Zadoh. The clinic served a nomadic population of about 8,000 in the area around Yol Nin Gar.

The health care problems for adults in the Zadoh region are poverty-related and include: TB, glaucoma, heart disease, kidney and bladder stones, appendicitis, gall bladder and stomach upset, rheumatism, hepatitis, arthritis, swelling of the feet and other parts of the body particularly in older people. Many young babies die from diarrhea and dehydration. Thirty percent of newborn babies die.

The clinic was staffed by at least one Tibetan-trained doctor, as well as nurses and assistants. And volunteer doctors Dr Robbie Chase and Dr Candace Cole from Canada, and others, came during the summer months every few years to clinics. A pill making machine was acquired and soon the clinic was making traditional Tibetan medicines that were dispensed to patients. The clinic also received common drugs such as analgesics, antibiotic creams, and antinflammatories from Western and Chinese sources.

By 2005 demographic changes around the area gradually led to a slowing of activity at the clinic. The government actively encouraged nomads to settle in the towns and cities. This made it difficult to continue to operate the clinic and, though Gaden Relief’s board of directors held off as long as possible, a decision was made in April 2011 to close the clinic.

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PLEASE NOTE: As of April 11, 2011, Gaden Relief ended its official support of the Jamseng Health Care Clinic. We at Gaden Relief are proud of the difference our donors and volunteers have made to the nomads of Zadoh.

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