Gaywa Seniors Project

Near the town of Zadoh, in eastern Tibet, there is a home where twenty old women live in very poor conditions. They live in tiny rooms with mud floors, no windows and no heat. They need clothing, bedding food and the means to prepare food. Although the government provided the building, these seniors receive no additional assistance from the government. There is no pension or subsidized health care, and they have no children, so they rely on whatever help local people provide. The local people take up a collection once a year and raise about $60 for the seniors and the nearby housewives give them bread and whatever else they can spare.

Didi Zasep (centre) with two Gaywa seniors

Didi Zasep (centre) with two Gaywa seniors

Didi Zasep, sister of Zasep Rinpoche, the spiritual director of Gaden Relief Projects, visited the home in 2000 and was deeply touched by the people. Didi says, “There is a special place in my heart for old people. They are a precious living history. At the same they are as helpless as little children – no sight, no voice, no resource. I cannot rest my soul without doing something for them. I feel very fortunate to be living in Canada, but when I eat good food I think of them, when I stay in a warm clean home, I think of them sleeping on cold muddy floors.”

The Gaywa Project was created to meet the needs of these people. Gaywa means fruit of generosity, virtue. The generosity of your offering is the virtue created. Please consider helping the old women of Zadoh.

PLEASE NOTE: As of February 19, 2007, Gaden Relief is no longer able to accept donations on Gaywa’s behalf because of changes to rules governing how Canadian charities operate outside of Canada. We, at Gaden Relief, remain ever appreciative of what Didi Zasep and her volunteers are doing in Zadoh and we encourage everyone to continue to support their efforts.

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