Tendar Rinpoche’s Education Fund

By Matthew Richards

GRP Mongolia Project has now instituted a new Project in support of the education of a young Mongol Buddhist Lama, Ven. Tendar Rinpoche and the infrastructure of his teaching Temple. Buddhist life in Mongolia is undergoing a renaissance after the fall of Communism and many young Lamas and ordained are taking their traditional place in the spiritual fabric of everyday life. Donating to young Buddhist teachers and priests, that they keep their way of life, traditions and teaching lineages alive and relevant to the Mongol people is an essential way to invest in the future of Buddhism in Mongolia. The summer of 2017 sees GRP donating $9,000. USD for the construction of Ven. Tendar Rinpoche’s Temple and its many facilities.

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More Information on Tendar Rinpoche’s Education Fund

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